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Scenario thumbnail - Sync using USB drive Which file is the latest? The one on Desktop or the one in USB drive?

It would be nice if you just defined, once and for all, a file sync Job in Bamboo file sync software to auto-select all modified or new files from your usual working folders, and transfer them all to your USB drive.

Run the Job at day-end, grab the USB drive and go!

And don't forget your browser Favorite links too! Keep them synchronized between your home desktop, your notebook, and your office desktop.

Bamboo Scenario - Sync using USB drive
Scenario thumbnail - Photo backup The 5,000+ photos of your 3-yr-old deserve regular Backups.

Do you know that you can set up a scheduled Job to update the latest photos in your collection to external hard drive for backup; the NAS network storage; or even the Media Center PC plugged into your big screen TV?

It could all happen while you are sleeping. Before next day, your latest photos are in every hard drive that you want in your house!

Now, why limit it to your photos? Back up your "My Documents" folder too!

Bamboo Scenario 2 - Photo Backup

Scenario thumbnail - Sync Laptop "I work mostly on laptop, whic files should I copy back to office network drive?"

Let Bamboo file sync software automatically pick the files you've changed or added, and copy them back to the office network drive. But not the entire 8GB "C:\AllActiveClients" folder every time!

And from the other way round, all updates and new stuffs from your colleagues in the office are updated to your Laptop too. Now, your are ready to be on the road again.

Sync files between PCs, laptops, and network file servers is just one click way.

Bamboo Scenario 3 - Sync Laptop

Benefit Highlights
  • Totally FREE for personal use
    Bamboo 3.5 is now totally free for personal use. There is also Professional Edition for comercial users. (More info...)

  • Set Once and For All
    Let Bamboo automates your routine manual file copying actions. Set once, use everyday. Avoid tedious manual selection, comparison, examination every time.

  • Integrated with Windows
    You can start or define any Folder Pair sync right inside Windows Explorer.

  • Conditional Copy and Filtering
    Bamboo facilitates automatic, filter-based file selection for complicated copy actions, instead of manual file/folder picking using Windows Explorer.

  • Restartable File Copy
    Better controls on large or complicated copy actions then Windows Explorer. Jobs can resume/restart from copy errors without having to start all over again.

  • Mirroring Backup
    Backup as a mirror copies, not as un-viewable backup files.

  • Scheduled File Copy
    Schedule non-urgent copy actions to off-peak hours.

  • Support All Storage Devices
    One-click manage all the file copies in all storages you have: desktops, laptops, office, home, PMPs, netbooks, nettops, 2½"/3½" external harddrives, Flash drives, SD/CF cards, NASes, MP3 players, smartphones, cellphones.

  • Fast and Robust Copy Action
    Avoid the slow Windows Vista® Explorer file copy in your routine copy actions from now on. Bamboo's lightning fast file analyze and copy engine can handle any large amount and complex copying job you can think of.

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